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Our top resources
for learning Spanish

The best way to learn Spanish or any other language is to invest in your language learning:

You can spend quality time studying

Taking classes or courses

Travelling to a Spanish speaking country

Here are my favorite resources to learn Spanish

Spanish Podcasts

Simple Spanish Podcast

Simple Spanish Podcast

This podcast is for beginner learners. It will help you with pronuntiation, grammar, tips and hacks to learn Spanish. This podcast provides a PDF with the translation and transcription plus some practice content.


Tofu, tattoos & talk Podcast

This podcast is for intermediate and advance students. It will help you with pronuntiation, vocabulary, expressions and tips and hacks to learn languages through interesting topics.It provides a PDF with the transcription, keywords and a set of questions to practice your writting skills.

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This podcast covers all levels from absolute beginner to advance Spanish. 

Practice Spanish with a native Speaker



My favorite app to practice a language, you can find teachers and native speaker from all over the world. 

Of course you can schedule a class with me through italki!.

Learn Spanish with music

Simple Spanish Music

Find here a lot of Spanish Playlists with different genres and styles of music, practice your listening, vocabulary and learn more about culture and tradition in Spanish speaking countries.

lyrics training.jpg

Lyrics Training

I love this app! You can use it in your computer or in your phone. You can learn new lyrics, play karaoke and practice vocabulary with a game of filling gaps.


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If you are beginner Duolingo is very helpful to learn new vocabulary and to keep your daily practice. 


LingQ is a language learning platform that makes it easy to read and listen to interesting content at varying difficulty levels. As you read, words will be marked as known and LingQ tracks the total number of words you “know”. The content comes from lots of different places with very little of it being original. 



Learning languages with Netflix

If you watch Netflix in your computer, you can install this Google Chrome Extension, and you can have double subtitles

(in this case Spanish and your native language) you can save, words and have a dictionary. It's one of my favorites to catch expressions, new vocabulary and listen to native speaker talking. 



Translate words and phrases while browsing the web, and easily replenish your foreign languages dictionary using flashcards.Translate any text while browsing and save it if you wish to memorize it. Rememberry utilizes innovative scientific researches of human memory and how it works. It was discovered that the most efficient way to keep knowledge in memory is to repeat it exactly at the moment when your brain is ready to forget it.

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LingQ Importer

Automatically import foreign language content from the web & study it with LingQ's web & mobile language learning apps.

The LingQ Importer extension allows you to automatically import web pages, articles, and video captions from sites like YouTube and Netflix into LingQ for studying using LingQ's web and mobile language learning tools. The Importer will automatically grab the title, text, image, captions and original url and display them in the LingQ Reader so you can look up and track all word data using LingQ's lookup, review and tracking functionality.

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