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Start learning Spanish on your own with this podcast, following the guide topics of each episode. This podcast is created to complement your studies and give you effective tools to improve your listening and speaking. In addition to this audio, you will find the transcription and translation of each episode and some learning Tips to improve your understanding on natural grammar.

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Past an future using Presente de indicativo. El versátil uso del presente.

In this episode we will talk about how to use presente de indicativo to talk about Skills, Past and Future.


A day in the life. Habla en presente de indicativo.

For today’s episode we have Presente de Indicativo parte 2 practice


Routine. Habla de tu rutina usando Presente de Indicativo

Our topic for today's episode is how to talk about your daily routine- tu rutina diaria-. In this episode we start learning about Presente de Indicativo. Routines and frequent actions are one of the most common uses to this tense


Descriptions- Descripciones

¡Hola! Our topic for today's episode is about how to make descriptions.


Likes and interests. Gustos e intereses

Our topic for today’s lesson is how to express likes and interests


Introduce yourself- Preséntate. Part II

Our topic for today’s lesson is how to introduce yourself part II


Introduce yourself- Preséntate

Our topic for today’s lesson is how to introduce yourself


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