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How to get the most out of Simple Spanish Podcast

Simple Spanish Podcast is a great tool for beginner learners. With this podcast you can start learning Spanish on your own, following the guide topics of each episode. This podcast is created to complement your studies and give you effective tools to improve your listening and speaking. In addition to the audio, you will find on the web page the transcription and translation of each episode and some learning Tips to improve your understanding on natural grammar.

How can you get the most of this podcast?

1. Extensive listening ( When you listen at length, for enjoyment, and do not necessarily worry about understanding every word or detail.)

Listen the episode one or two times. At first, your focus is not on the language itself but it is on the message, as consequence, you will learn the language that is used. Like we are just getting started and this is a podcast for beginners, the material is easy and understandable, so this is going to be comprehensible input for you. Little by little we will make it more complex and interesting. If you are using the transcript, focus on the Spanish version, that way you establish the relationship between the spoken language and the written language.

2 .Intensive listening (When you listen in detail with the aim of understanding

every word )

Listen it again, but this time you pay attention in detail with the aim of understanding every word. Now it is good idea to make notes, write the new vocabulary and this time you can start checking the English version, that way you can understand what we are saying. And here is where your language acquisition process begins, because you are going to start to understand more and more each time.

3. Make sure you jot things down

Something that is really making a difference is to jot things down. If you want things to stick use a notebook only for Spanish, so you can save your progress and the information. Also, you can print the PDF, and start taking notes on the same page.

4.Practice makes perfect

After this, try to make the exercises included in the PDF. Use the material as a guide for writing your answers. Always search for words you frequently use in your mother language and integrate them to your new set of Spanish vocabulary.

5.Keep track and save your progress

Keep track of every episode through your notebook or create a folder where you save the PDF with all your notes and exercises. This will give you material to study and review and is going to show you all the effort you are putting every single day on your goal of learning Spanish.

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